Top 10 Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin

There may not be a source of never-ending youth, but the food we eat and how we treat ourselves can prevent or even reverse aging. Right nutrients can fight off damage. Nutrients help the cells replicate and have more energy. Life is getting too much busy and we always ignore our body and skin. Consequently aging comes fast than our actual age. But no more mistakes and mistreats to ourselves. Treat yourself right from the inside out. Drop off some of your bad habits and start having a new routine for your body and skin to enjoy the new YOU. Here are ten beauty habits that will also boost your health.


Drink lots of water instead of alcohol

Our skin is very sensitive. Whatever we drink or eat has ultimate effect on our skin. So whenever you drink something you should think twice. You have to make a habit of drinking lots of water than alcohol. The more you drink water, the healthier, the younger your skin will be. More than one or two drinks a day puts strain on the liver and can damage it eventually. Excessive alcohol consumption can causes dilated pores, dilated and broken capillaries and the overgrowth of sweat and oil glands. Much skin damages mostly appear on the face, though other areas of skin also get vulnerable. The National Rosacea Society in the U.S.A surveyed and found that 76 percent of sufferers cited red wine as a trigger for flare-ups. So make a habit of drinking water, the instant you’re dehydrated. Otherwise it will take a toll on your skin, causing it to look dull, flaky, saggy and loose.


Eat foods with antioxidants

Antioxidants are the best resources that fight disease and aging. It reduces damage and inflammation. Inflammation is a primary cause of wrinkle formation. So avoid the spicy food and embrace the food contained antioxidants. You can pick Acai berries, Goji berries, Spinach, Blueberries, Pomegranates ,Raspberries, , Seeds, Purple grapes, Nuts ,Dark chocolate, Organic green tea. So start consuming the widest variety of antioxidants so that you can to fight off the different kinds of free radicals.


Remove your makeup before bed

Do not compromise with your skin if you want a healthy body. Always remove your makeup properly before bed. By not cleansing your face before off to bed, you’re leaving your pores clogged with leftover makeup and sweat. As a result you will get the dull, breakout-prone skin. Even leaving on your eye makeup can cause you eye irritation and broken lashes. So don’t leave your makeup on and sleep off. If you’re too tired on nights, use at least pre-saturated cleansing cloths before you crash on the bed.


Apply sunscreen daily

Direct sun exposure for a very long time can cause skin cancer. Small amounts of daily sun produce vitamin D in the body and are beneficial. But too much sun rays will extremely harm your skin. Don’t forget to use sunscreen contained with zinc or titanium dioxide and to wear your sunglasses to protect your beautiful eyes. Make a habit of having a sunscreen always with you. Whenever you wash your face, apply the cream immediately. Don’t stop using, if it’s a rainy day.


Exfoliate your skin

Everyday your body produces dead skill cells and Dead skin cells equal to dull skin. And by not getting rid of them, you’re damaging your own skin. Exfoliation removes that dry and dead skin cells and helps preventing many skin problems as well as it also increases blood circulation, which consecutively brings you a healthy and glowing skin. Make a habit to exfoliate your body as you do your facial exfoliation. Use a mild body scrub about twice a week. You can also try daily dry-body brushing before showering.

Pick a loofah or brush and buff your skin in circular motions. But do not scrub too hard. Start off with the hard soles of your feet, and then work upward on legs, front and back. Pay special attention to your upper arms and hips and backs of the thighs. Apply a good moisturizer to hydrate the skin and do not expose your exfoliated skin to UV rays, sun, and sunbed frequently.


Stop picking at pimples

Most of us have a bad habit of poking pimples on our face. But we forget picking and nudging those pimples can cause scarring and infection. Sometimes skin doesn’t heal properly. Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue in Toronto, “It’s important to note that acne scarring is actually caused by picking and not the acne itself”. So keep your hands off from your skin and get a clearer skin.


Stop shampooing every day

Some women have weird habit of shampooing every day. They just don’t feel clean if they don’t shampoo daily. But washing your hair too frequently drains the natural oil from your scalp make hair shiny and manageable naturally. It makes your hair dry and frizzy and tends to split ends. So stop washing your hair every day, instead try shampooing every other day. High-profile Canadian hairstylist Anthony suggests “If hair is flat, run damp hands through it and blow-dry on low to bring back volume. It helps if you don’t go wild on hairspray and gel the first day.” You can also try a “dry” shampoo.


Embrace a fuller brow

One of the biggest beauty mistakes sometimes you do is you go wild with the tweezers-too-thin brows. It really makes you look aged. You can think of compensating it with makeup but it will never give you the satisfaction of having full natural brows. Thinning eyebrow will lead you to end up a look that doesn’t suit you or to look you like a clown. You should learn about your face structure and a suitable eyebrow shape. So embrace your natural brows and keep them groomed.


Opt for natural skin products.

Most of the skincare products found in market contain harsh and harmful chemicals. So make sure the ingredients used in them are safe, when choosing moisturizers or makeup. Alternatively you can pick natural ingredients lying around home for your skin care. Natural ways may take time but they won’t harm your skin permanently.



Exercise regularly

Regular exercise definitely helps you stay younger, gives you more vigor and keeps you in shape. But new research from McMaster University suggests that endurance exercise also help to fight with the signs of aging, such as balding, grey hair and thinning skin. Endurance exercise is aerobic activity. You can do brisk walking, running or cycling as a regular exercise. According to the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology It will improve cardio-respiratory fitness. The longer you can do aerobic exercise, the more endurance you have. Even you can perform the “downward dog” yoga pose, getting on the floor on your hands and knees and then straightening your legs. So daily exercise will help increasing oxygen circulation in blood and releasing toxins through sweat. In return you will get clearer, firmer skin. And don’t remember to smile. It’s the best exercise for your face.


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