6 Things You Should Always Do After Having Sex

Sex is not always something physical but sometimes it leads to spiritual bonding. Everybody loves sex. It is the physical intimacy through which men and women express their love. Well you all know what to do before sex but many of you may be less certain about what to do after sex. People differ in choosing different post-coital preferences. Some likes to cuddle, some wants to have a sleep, some prefers laugh and talk. However one should also be concern about physical and mental health. So it is important to work out a post sex routine to ensure your love life to be comfortable and risk-free. Check out these easy and enjoyable steps that will keep you happy and healthy.


Head to the bathroom

Even if nature doesn’t call you, you should go to bathroom and you should pee. Sunny Rodgers, a certified sex coach and ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association tells it’s a necessity. He says peeing is the first step he always suggests right after sex because it clears the pipe and helps to flush any harmful bacteria or toxins. After that you should wash up your private body parts using a clean soft washcloth and non-fragrant soap and warm water. It will prevent to produce bacteria and make sure you will be safe.


Hydrate yourself

Sex is a kind of exercise and it consumes a lot of physical energy. It causes dehydration in your entire body. That is why suddenly your mouth starts to feel dry. You have to understand that your body is experiencing dehydration. To avoid this you can either put a bottle of water before your intercourse or you can hit to the kitchen. To refuel your system as soon as you are finished take a sip or two of water. Drinking water will also help you pee quickly and flush those harmful bacteria out of your system. Rodgers said “Drinking a minimum of eight ounces of water after sex play can help you hydrate and keep your energy levels up, since sexual stimulation can definitely deplete strength,”


Pick a healthy snack.

It is commonly heard that people get hungry right after sex. It is normal because your pleasurable sex burns you lots of calories. So eating after having sex is very important. Those chocolate chip cookies in the jar might look so tempting but you should wisely choose your snacks. You can grab chis seeds or green tea or fermented food like yogurt. Kampuchea and kimchi can be a good and healthy alternatives. You can even cook together some easy but delicious snack like an omelet. It is also a great way to grow up your bonding.


Cuddle up with your partner

Every time you sex with your partner a love hormone known as Oxycontin is released. This hormone produces a feeling of closeness. Chamin Ajjan, a New York City-based psychotherapist and sex therapist. “Talking with your partner after sex is a great way to connect and create even more intimacy. You can talk about your hopes, your dreams.” This pillow talk is so important for growing up bonding. This is the best time to boost your intimacy with your partner and enjoy while you have him all to yourself. Being affectionate with your partner right after sex ensures a more satisfied sexual bonding.


Complement each other.

It is very important to express your feelings about the intercourse you just have had. You can share what you like most about him or her during the sex action. It will bring you the most out of your future sexual encounters. “Immediately after sex, oxytocin is still high,” said Karla Ivankovich, a couples therapist and clinical counselor at One Patient Global Health. “Share with one another what it is that you really enjoyed about your intimacy, physically or emotionally, is a great way to keep bonding.”


Laugh out

“In the post coital state of euphoria, everything seems better anyway,” Ivankovich said. “Tell a corny joke, be silly, and extend the time in intimacy.” So right after sex, you can also keep yourself in a playful mindset and connect with a bit of humor. You can keep engaging yourself in a fun loving attitude and connect with a touch of fun. This extra time is important because if one partner leaves too quickly, the other will feel like their expectation just crashed to the grounds.



Overall, do not take the sex as a just one-act play. It must be prolonging intimacy, a means of relaxing together, and taking care of your health. By making these few essential things a habit right after your sex, you can outspread affection and promote optimum sexual well-being.


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