15 All Natural Beauty Tips for Any Skin Type

Who doesn’t to be beautiful? But many people think that only costly professional beauty products can achieve you the desired beauty, but it’s wrong!! Here are some beauty tips that are super easy to do at home with just a few ingredients. These are inexpensive, natural, and free from toxic ingredients. Applying them will save you time, money, and your health and make you beautiful.

Reducing Skin Creases by Changing Your Pillowcase

Choose a soft and silky pillowcase Instead of coarser fabrics to decrease the roughness and skin compression occurred while you sleep. Harsh fabric leaves you with extra friction and lines on your face in the morning. Always try sleeping on your back, so that your face doesn’t get wrinkle over time.


Chilled Tea Bags to get rid of Tired Puffy Eyes

Don’t throw away tea bags after having tea. These are great for puffy eyes. Take 2 black, green, or chamomile tea bags and put them in a small bowl into the refrigerator to chill for a couple of few minutes. Once they are chilled, place 1 those tea bags over each closed eyelid. Leave them for 5 to 15 minutes and relax. Soon you will be relieved from those fluffy puffy eyes.


Natural Face Lifting by Simple Yoga Poses

Doing inverted postures helps to improve blood circulation and gives your face some extra lift and vitality. This is helpful before taking pictures, attending interviews, and meetings. To perform this yoga posture you have to do “downward dog” yoga pose that is getting on the floor on your hands and knees and then straightening your legs. Or, in other words bow forward and reach towards your toes. Stay in this position as long as you feel relaxed, for 1 to 5 minutes.

Hydrate Dry Skin with Coconut Water

Hydrating your skin is a must to avoid unwanted aging, and other skin problems.
Start your day with a glass of fresh unsweetened coconut water. You can have only normal water if coconut water is out of your reach. And, throughout the day, do not forget drink a lot of water. Coconut, avocado, wild salmon, olives are the good source skin-hydrating foods; add them in your meals chart. These foods will help you to be hydrated.



Revitalizing Your Face with an Organic Papaya Mask

Exfoliation at a regular basis helps you remove dead skin cells from your skin and generate new cells. But many exfoliates found in drugstore contain harsh and rough ingredients that could scratch your skin. Even they might damage the skin permanently and speed up the signs of aging. So, it’s always better to use an organic and enzymatic exfoliate. Papaya contains a rich amount of the natural enzyme papain, and pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain. The properties found in papaya and pine apple help to exfoliate the skin naturally and make your skin smooth and soft. Greener (unripe) papayas are of best use but if you have sensitive skin use ripe papayas.

Take a ¼ cup raw papaya flesh and blend with 1 Tablespoon fresh pineapple until smooth. Apply on dry skin and leave it for 5 -15 minutes. Rinse it off with cool water. Do a patch test on your arm if you have a sensitive skin, before applying it on your face.

The alpha hydroxy acids and the enzymes in this recipe will remove dry, dead skin. Do this only once or twice per week.


Nourishing Lips with Shea Butter

Continuous use of lipstick makes your lips dry and lifeless. Because Traditional chap-sticks and contain petrolatum, hormone-disrupting oxygenation and mineral oil. But if you want your lips to look luscious and nourished, replace these harsh chemicals with nourishing natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil. Make a homemade lip balm with these ingredients to give your lips the proper amounts of nutrients and vitamins.


Clear Radiant Skin by Cutting Sugar Out

Sugar contains inflammatory properties that are responsible for the skin problems such as dry itchy skin, acne, and wrinkles. So, try to cut sugar from your diet chart for 10 days, if you have some important day coming up ahead and want to look your best.


Reducing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Collagen produced in body is responsible for our skin tone and it is essential for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. But as we start aging, its production in our body naturally depletes. So take a high-quality collagen supplement from clean sources. Bone broth and gelatin are rich with collagen, and vitamin C that help to collagen production.


Cleansing Your Skin with Almond Oil

Keep your bar or liquid soap aside and use almond oil as a face cleanser. You can use argan and almond oil to cleanse your face naturally instead of stripping your skin with foamy harsh cleansers.


Turning Stress into Bliss for Clear Beautiful Skin

Stress and anxiety are liable to most of the Skin issues such as premature aging, eczema acne, vitiation, rosacea etc. So don’t let stress and depression get under your skin. Proper sleep, meditation and exercise can be your best friends to relieve your stress that will give you a bright glowing skin, naturally. An uninterrupted sleep gives time to our skin to rejuvenate. Meditation and moderate exercise helps us keep stress away. These help to the release the Oxycontin hormone that makes us feel happy and gives us a sense of belonging.


Preventing Sun Damage, Sunburns and Uneven Skin Tone using proper sunscreen

Protection from sun is essential to healthy skin and natural beauty. While sometimes sun-rays may give you a sun-kissed glow, but it also damages your skin and risks you to premature aging, uneven skin tone, and even skin cancer. Use sun-blocks that contain zinc oxide. Consider higher SPF. Remember the higher SPF, the better.


Transforming Red Irritated Skin into Soft Healthily Skin using Aloe Vera


Red and irritated skin need to be soothed it right away. Long time inflammation of your skin causes the breakdown of collagen. Aloe Vera gel can be the cheapest and best skin soother. It also helps you to achieve smooth and vibrant skin

Aloe Vera gel contains anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and healing properties that provide nourishment penetrating the skin so easily. So always go for the natural and pure Aloe Vera gel. The aloe you find in shop or store contains fillers, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.


Brightening Dull Skin Using Green Tea

Green teas are rich with anti-inflammatory, brightening, cleansing and hydrating properties. They’re best as a skin brightening tea toner. You can make a tea toner by drenching the green tea for 5 minutes, and let them be cool in room temperature. Then, apply it with cotton pads or you can pour the water into a spray bottle and spray onto your clean skin.


Eliminating Pimples with Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is famous for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help to reduce acne breakouts. Use only diluted tree oil because the undiluted one can burn and harm your skin when applied directly. Just take 1 to 2 drops of oil and mix it to your cleanser, serum or moisturizer. It will gradually remove pimple from your face.


Using Honey, Turmeric, and Yogurt for a Smoother Complexion

Honey contains clarifying, healing, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effects, whereas turmeric has pore cleansing and sebum balancing effects. Yogurt has pH enhancing and lactic acid effects. So combining all of them will give your skin a magical effect. So to make a face pack, mix 1 spoon raw honey, 1 spoon plain yogurt, and 1 teaspoon turmeric powder into a thick paste. Apply it on to the face and neck and let it be on there for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse with cool water, pat dry your skin see the instant glow on your face. Do not forget to apply your favorite moisturizer.

I hope these natural beauty tips will work for you. So definitely give it a try. Feel free to share them with your friends, and spread the power of natural beauty.


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